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Payroll Services


Our experienced personnel handle payroll services with exceptional quality. We focus on the assurance that all clients’ human resource statutory obligations are in order; our clients are able to focus on their core business with the full knowledge that their general payroll management is taken care of.

We ensure this by ensuring that the following are in place:

  1. Payroll set up
  2. Registration for PAYE obligation for the Company
  3. Registration of staff for PIN, NSSF and NHIF facilitation
  4. Obtaining all employee data for payroll purposes (PIN, I/D, Pay, Deductions, Bank account details)
  5. Correct capturing pay details
  6. Timely payroll preparation and disbursements of payments in time
  7. Compliance with relevant laid down procedures
  8. Proper and secure data storage
  9. Effecting any changes as need arises (change in regulations)
  10. Generation of payroll related reports
  11. Statutory deductions payments facilitation and filings
  12. Generation and distribution of payslips to employees
  13. Prepare annual reports for staff and facilitate filing of annual statutory returns